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lulu429's Journal

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29 April
Shaun: Are u him?!
Bob: uhh... yeah... im him.
shaun: JESUS! have i sinned or am i goin ta heaven?!?!
Bob: DUDE! ur fryin man! how much acid did u take?!
Shaun: wait... ur not jesus... UR BOB!!!
Bob: i AM BOB! huh huh... how goes it?!
Shaun: how are u doin that?
Bob: doin what?
Shaun: walking on water... see, if i get off this chair, ill drown. and u wanna know why Bob? cuz i cant swim!
Bob:oohh... i get it! so..so shaun... do u see land anywhere?
Shaun: *squeek*sqeeeek (turns in chair)* : nope... just water...
Bob??? YOU ARE JESUS!!!!
Bob: Thats right... y do ya ask?
Shaun: Satan.. is in the house... he killed my mom... and he turned her.. into a bull!

Steveo: We come from the east.... in search of the mesiah... we follow that BIG STAR! and we bring gold... and and frankensense... and and and MERR! yeah.. merr!
Redneck: Oh boy! who let u boys outa the state institution?!
Heroin Bob: no.. no wait... were from.... ENGLAND!!!
Redneck: oooh... okay then
Redneck's wife: what the hell did they do to your hair?!
Redneck:its okay hunny... theyre from england!
Redneck's wife: u look like a gull durn indian!
Steveo: oh... it was a medical experiement... but hes gonna be okay.
311, a midsummer night's dream, acid, adderall, affection, amy brown art, aphrodite, art, beck, bisexuality, black and white photography, blondie, boys in makeup, cantaloupe, chains, cheese, chino moreno, cold, daft punk, deftones, doc martens, drag racing, drawing, dreads, dreaming, drum n bass, ethix, fairys, fall, feeling loved, fishnets, fuzzy stuff, ganja, girl interrupted, girls, glam, glitter, glowsticks, green ketchup, halfcocked, halloween, hed pe, heroin bob, horoscopes, incubus, industrial, inspected by three, jay and silent bob, jay gordon, jell-o, jepetto, jimmy hendrix, ketchup, kisses, kittie, kitties, kottonmouth kings, leapord print, led zeplin, lesbian porn, loud music, love, magenta, margret heater, maryjane, matthew lillard, mind altering substances, mindless self indulgence, mohawks, monkeys, monty python, nick hexum, nine inch nails, orgy, painting, pasadena, paul oakenfold, paul van dyke, photography, piercings, pigtails, pink floyd, pixie stix, pixies, plaid, prodigy, pulp fiction, punk, punk shows, purple ketchup, rain, rainbow bright, rainbows, ramones, rancid, ravers, raves, red, ring pops, rock, rootbeer, ryan shuck, safety pins, scissors, shiney objects, sketching, skittles, slc punk, slurpees, smashing pumpkins, smurfs, sneaker pimps, socks, sound garden, speed, spiders, spikes, steveo, stevie ray vaughn, striped socks, strobe lights, studs, sublime, superchick, system of a down, tattoos, techno, the breakfast club, the craft, the distillers, the lost boys, the toadies, toe socks, trainspotting, trigger 13, tsunami bomb, twiztid, ufo pants, varuca salt, vegetarianism, voltswagon golfs, watermelon, wine

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